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Translation of manuscripts is performed by a Translator and a Managing Translator. The Translators will provide a faithful translation of the manuscript and references into the target language. The Translators will ensure that the style of the translation is in accordance with the conventions of the field and that scientific and technical terms are translated accurately.

The Translation Services include:

  • Chinese into English
  • English into Chinese
  • Portuguese into English
  • English into Portuguese
  • Spanish into English
  • English into Spanish

Submit your manuscript with confidence!

Wiley offers translation services from Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese into English, as well as reverse translation. Our experienced translators are all academics with advanced degrees who can provide an accurate, high-quality translation in your field.

All Wiley Translation services include language editing to ensure that your manuscript is translated accurately and written in the appropriate style.

Our Translation service provides assistance to researchers who are more comfortable writing in a language other than English. Each manuscript is assigned by area of study to ensure accurately translated field-specific terms. When your paper is returned to you, it will be indistinguishable from papers written by researchers who are native English speakers. Basic Editing is also included to ensure the language in your manuscript is ready for submission. Because our Translation service is geared toward preparing a high-quality, publication ready manuscript, we recommend you provide us with the final draft of your paper.

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Please note that SAGE Language Services is an editing service only, and using the service will in no way guarantee that your manuscript will be selected for peer review or accepted for publication. Journal editors independently assess manuscripts submitted for publication based on the quality and appropriateness of a manuscript for the journal, and their editorial evaluation will not consider whether or not a manuscript has been edited through SAGE Language Services.